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Avonia (Caudex)

Avonia albissima Avonia albissima
Starting from 10.00€
Avonia papyracea Avonia papyracea
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Avonia ustulata Avonia ustulata
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The name of the genus Avonia comes from the Latin word "avus", which means "grandfather", referring to its white scales. These succulent plants, native to South Africa, grow on rocky slopes and gravel and sandy areas, forming a large tuberous root in which it stores water to survive during drought periods. In the areas of their origin the roots and stems were traditionally used for different aims, for example, used as yeast for making bread or mead (honey beer), but was also used as a medicine against diabetes. Eventhough they are relatively easy to grow, they do need some particular attention, but, on the other hand, they will amaze you with their abundant, fragrant blooms of vibrant colors.