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Tephrocactus geometricus f. crested (Cactus)

The crested shape of this cactus has a very particular fan-shaped crest that never looks identical in two exemplars, making each of them unique and very appreciated by collectors. In its normal form T. geometricus is a cactus with a globose shape, with a bluish-green stem that, with the passage of time tufts. The name of this beautiful succulent plant comes from the Greek 'γεωμετρία' which means 'geometry'. With prolonged exposure to the sun or autumn fresh can take on a purple color. From the upper areolas are born sparse and short thorns ranging from white to black, curved down. When it blooms it gives you beautiful flowers of color ranging from white to light pink with a darker central stripe. You have to be very careful when moving or decanting the plant, because its parts come off easily. This particular cactus is perfect for decorating your design vases.