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Tephrocactus aoracanthus f. monstrous (Cactus)

The monstrous shape of this cactus has geometric anomalies, for example, sometimes asymmetrical protuberances or absence of thorns, different for each individual exemplar, so much so as to make each of them absolutely unique and, for this reason, extremely sought after by collectors. The name of the genus Tephrocactus comes from the Greek 'tephra' - 'ash', which refers to the greyish shades of the epidermis. In its normal form it is a cactus with the oval stem of green-gray color, with the passage of time branches and can reach even 1 m in height. Its spines are very long (up to 10 cm long), rigid, straight or curved towards different directions, of color varying from grey to brownish. When it blooms it gives you beautiful large flowers of white or light pink color. You have to be very careful when moving or racking the plant, because its segments come off easily.