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Sulcorebutia seinoiana (Cactus)

It is one of the rare species of Sulcorebutia that retains the same posture and the same spines in both young and mature age. It has a globose stem, slightly depressed at the apex, which does not reach big dimensions but tends rather to quickly tuft in order to give origin to pleasant cushions of dark green colour, tending to reddish, with multiple heads of various dimensions. From the well-grooved tubercles of rhomboidal shape grow narrow and long areoles, whose white contrasts pleasantly with the yellow-reddish thorns, thin and slightly curved towards the body of the cactus. In late spring the charm of S. seinoiana is amplified by wonderful flowers with magenta petals that fade into a flashy yellow throat: their luster, similar to silk, will certainly not go unnoticed!