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Sclerocactus (Cactus)

Sclerocactus spinosior J1317 Sclerocactus spinosior J1317
Starting from 28.00€
Sclerocactus uncinatus Sclerocactus uncinatus
Starting from 20.00€

Its name derives from Greek, which means "hard cactus", to indicate both its peculiar robust spines, often hooked and dangerous, and its adaptability to any environment: in nature it grows in very extreme areas, where there are long periods of frost and drought. It is therefore a cactus, extremely rare and sought after, which can give a wild touch to your gardens or balconies, without fear to be frosted (though it needs to be sheltered from too much rain!). A part from its threatening and majestic, but very attractive spines, it will also amaze you with its wonderful and large flowers, which bloom among the strong spines, creating a beautiful contrast!