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Pediocactus (Cactus)

Pediocactus bradyi Pediocactus bradyi
Starting from 24.00€
Pediocactus sileri Pediocactus sileri
Starting from 40.00€
Pediocactus simpsonii Pediocactus simpsonii
Starting from 7.00€

The name Pediocactus derives from the Greek word "pedion", which means "plain", due to the habitat, where it grows (Great Plains of the United States). They are also known as “pincushion cactus”, due to their stiff spines, that cover them. Plants of this genus are usually small and solitary, with small spines. In summer, they bloom with beautiful red, pink and yellow flowers. Pediocactus is a cold-resistant genus, ideal for making your garden even more special.