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Myrtillocalycium 'Polyp' (Cactus)

This wonderful Cactaceae is a real explosion of colors and originality: it is a chimera, that is an absolute work of art, created by man grafting an exemplar of Myrtillocactus Cochal with one of Gymnocalycium 'Hibotan red', hence the name of the plant that assembles that of the two parents. Being a chimera and not a simple hybrid, a single body is obtained, in which, however, the tissues never merge, keeping well differentiated the characteristics of the two different species. Growing M. Polyp' assumes a cylindrical and very tortuous shape, often consisting of short twisted segments that develop on each other asymmetrically and recall the appearance of a polyp in motion. What is most striking about this cactus is undoubtedly the chromatic charm: along the epidermis the bright green alternates with a very bright red, further enriched at times by yellow shades, for an overall effect extremely dynamic and impossible to find in other exemplars!

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