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Myrtillocactus geometrizans f. crestata variegata (Cactus)

The splendid crested form of M. geometrizans is much appreciated by lovers of succulents for its unique and unusual shape, but there's more: there are even species in the nursery so rare that they have yellow variegations along the crest, in the exact points in which chlorophyll is absent! These are extremely rare and coveted specimens, perfect for decorating modern interior spaces. The blue-cerulean color of Myrtillocactus is another particular characteristic, thanks to which it is often used in original and unconventional compositions. In its normal form it is a columnar plant, covered with a white patina, which can branch out and take the shape of a candlestick; in the wild it can reach up to 4 meters in height! Its stem, typically blue-cerulean exactly like the crested specimen, is characterized by 5-8 ribs and sparse thorns. Variegated Crested M. geometrizans is a fantastic gift that will delight the recipient for years, perfect for true connoisseurs and collectors who want something absolutely unusual and unparalleled!