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Lemaireocereus (Cactus)

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Its name was chosen in honor of the botanist Charles Lemaire, specialized in cacti. It is a genus that includes a few very heterogeneous species, in which creeping or columnar cacti are grouped, all however united by the presence of a few very deep ribs and few branches. Often planted with the help of a bed of sand, this stratagem allows it to preserve the typical bluish-green shade of the trunks and to reach considerable dimensions, which is why it is widely used to create solemn and monumental-looking hedges and fences! Here are some simple tips for its cultivation: The required exposure is very bright, possibly with direct sunlight. Good ventilation is also important. Keep it at mild temperatures, never below 12 ° C. It is recommended to place it in sheltered and airy places during the winter. Water moderately every 3-4 days in spring and summer, taking care not to water again if the soil has not completely dried up from the previous watering. Completely suspend irrigations during vegetative rest, which coincides with the winter period. We recommend as an optimal soil a substrate rich in minerals, for example a standard compost for cactacea and a soil that tends to be neutral, light and very draining. These are plants that do not need frequent fertilization, if deemed necessary it will be sufficient to dilute the specific fertilizer for cacti with watering once a year.