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Hylocereus ocamponis (Cactus)

It is an epiphytic cactus, which means that it grows using other plants only as a physical support. It produces long stems that are initially erect, which tend to fall down with growth. Each stem has 3 ribs, on which round downy areoles of a white color with short brownish spines are formed. The epidermis is hairless, of a greyish-green color. During the flowering period, it produces a large, usually solitary flower, up to 30 cm in diameter, of a creamy white color; like most cacti, the flowers are nocturnal, which means that they open up at night and close down at dawn. Flowering usually lasts 1-2 days. Its fruits with magenta pulp, widely known as "dragon fruit", are edible and are highly sought after for their nourishing properties: they are very rich in fiber and vitamins!