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Haageocereus (Cactus)

Haageocereus acranthus Haageocereus acranthus
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Haageocereus chrysacanthus Haageocereus chrysacanthus
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Its name was chosen by Backeberg in honor of the German farmer Haage. These are particular cacti of a generally columnar shape, characterized by different habit: in fact, some species remain erect, others tend to develop a prostrate and creeping trend on the ground. Easily recognizable by its dense golden spines, that completely cover the stems. These plants have fragrant flowers, that bloom at night, but you can also admire their beauty even throughout the day. It is a very rare genus which, developing spontaneously in extremely arid coastal areas, with very poor soil and practically no rain, is among the most resistant, thus perfect for any type of outdoor environment!