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Gymnocactus (Cactus)

Gymnocactus horripilus Gymnocactus horripilus
Starting from 21.00€
Gymnocactus knuthianus Gymnocactus knuthianus
Starting from 10.50€
Gymnocactus Viereckii Gymnocactus Viereckii
Starting from 10.50€
Gymnocactus ysabelae Gymnocactus ysabelae
Starting from 10.80€

Small cacti, particularly sought after because they are pretty rare. They are often considered part of the larger genus of Turbinicarpus for various common characteristics, which is why sometimes the same species can assume both names. They generally have a globular or cylindrical body, with prominent conical tubercles from which very variable spines come out and enriched by apical fluff which makes it easily recognizable. Its typical very light green color is often completely hidden by the combination of wool and spines. In summer its appearance is extremely enlivened by delicate pinkish-hued flowers, which bloom abundantly at the apex amidst the fluff.