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Chamaelobivia (Cactus)

Chamaelobivia cv. Captain Jessop Chamaelobivia cv. Captain Jessop
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Chamaelobivia hybrid Chamaelobivia hybrid
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Chamaelobivia sp. Chamaelobivia sp.
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This cactus is a hybrid, therefore cultivated exclusively in laboratory, formed by two different genera, which are already identified by its name, composed by Chamaecereus and Lobivia. The two initial plants are both rather small, and in fact they generate a perennial cactus of equally small dimensions (due to the shape and size of its stems it is commonly called "peanut cactus"). The real beauty can be seen in spring, when from a long scale-like calyx, extremely bright flowers bloom, which are almost bigger than the plant itself: with very little attention, you can enjoy a vivacity, enclosed in such a simple plant, that is really unique!