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Carnegiea gigantea (Saguaro) f. crestata (Cactus)

The crested shape of this cactaceae presents the typical fan arrangement that makes each exemplar absolutely unique, never identical to another and for this reason very appreciated by collectors. The thick greyish thorns cover almost completely the wide and compact body, giving it a pleasant thorny and wild look. It is a true image plant in the world of cacti, more commonly known by the popular names of "Saguaro", "Candelabra cactus", "Giant cactus" or "Desert Sage". In its normal form, the olive green stem contrasts with the silvery grey of the thick rigid thorns and presents well marked ribs with thick woolly areolae. This imposing cactus, with a very slow growth, is renowned for its longevity, as it has an average life of over 150 years and some exemplars reach up to 300 years, reaching heights of over 13 meters with a circumference of 3 meters! The characteristic "arms" can take over 70 years to develop and make it assume the beautiful shape of a candelabra. It’s considered a fundamental element of the ecosystem, as it nests a myriad of desert animals, including woodpeckers and owls.