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Bergerocactus emoryi (Cactus)

Very particular cactaceae, only species of its genus, formed by columnar stems not exceeding the 2-3 cm of diameter, but reaching even 2 metres of height, tending to prostrate towards the ground (hence the common name of " snake cactus"). Of a beautiful dark green, it is equipped with longitudinal ribs that are however completely hidden by the wild golden yellow thorns that cover it, heading both to wrap the body and outward. Due to its appearance due to the thorns, it is commonly known also as "golden cactus", even if with the growth the spines tend to darken. It is a plant very resistant to climate change; it has a rapid growth and is also very long-lived, because perhaps not many know that after about 10 years, when the stems will age, they will leave space to the buds to give life to new plants!