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Astrophytum myriostigma f. monstrous crested variegated. (Cactus)

Beautiful cactus exemplar, very appreciated for its particular appearance. In fact, this plant has the abnormalities of the monstrous shape, such as irregularities of the tubercles, lack of spines etc.; it also has a fan shape due to its cresting and finally, the yellow-orange shades in the points where there is a lack of chlorophyll, characteristic of variegated plants. Overall this specimen is unique in its kind thanks to the monstrous crested and variegated shape, never identical in two plants, for this reason it is highly sought after by collectors all over the world. In its normal form it is a globose succulent plant that with time can become columnar. One of the most known and appreciated Astrophytum for its particular green epidermis, entirely covered by a white dotting that gives it an almost silvery appearance. It can have three to ten (more commonly five) well marked ribs, with a border well delineated by the white fluffy areoles, which with time assume a yellowish colouration. During the spring at the apex of the plant grow large funnel-shaped inflorescences, entirely yellow. Easy to grow plant suitable for beginners.