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Astrophytum myriostigma f. crested variegated (Cactus)

A. myriostigma f. crestata variegata has two characteristics that make it very sought after by collectors: on one side it shows the fan crest that never looks the same in plants; on the other hand yellowish shades in the exact points where there is lack of chlorophyll. Overall it is a unique exemplar. In its normal form it is a globe-shaped cactus that with time can become columnar. A. myriostigma is very appreciated for its particular green epidermis entirely covered by a white dotting that gives it an almost silvery appearance. It can have three to ten (more commonly five) well marked ribs, with a border well delineated by the white fluffy areoles, which with time assume a yellowish colouration. During the spring at the apex of the plant grow large funnel-shaped inflorescences, entirely yellow. Easy to grow plant suitable for beginners.

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