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Arrojadoa (Cactus)

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The genus Arrojadoa honors Miguel Arrojado Lisboa - a Brazilian engineer and botanist. In their natural habitat they grow in rocky places, under shrubs that support their thin stems. A beautiful succulent plant belonging to the Cactaceae family, it presents erect stems totally covered by small whitish spines, divided in several ribs, on the top of which appears a Cephalium: a thick reddish, upright and rigid hair. The characteristic of these cacti is that they bloom with beautiful tubular flowers in bright and intense colors of various shades of orange and red, which open up only at night. This easy-to-grow plant will give an exotic touch to your indoor environments. Here are some tips for its cultivation: Likes half-shaded spaces, as it may burn if sunlight is too intense. It prefers mild or warm temperatures; on the other hand, it does not tolerate temperatures below 10 ° C, therefore it is advisable to place it sheltered from cold and wind in winter. It is advisable to water every time the soil is dry in the periods from March to October, while in cold periods it is preferable to completely suspend the water supply, thus allowing the plant to enter dormancy. A specific soil for succulent plants is optimal, with the addition of pumice or coarse sand to make it as draining as possible. It does not require frequent fertilization, but if possible is advisable to dilute a specific cacti fertilizer with watering once a year.