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Every day we take each customer close to heart, for this reason we want you to feel satisfied with what we do for you, as well as supported not only in the choice of the plants you decide to buy, but also in the next step, which consists in the planting of cacti or succulents in your environments, once they arrive at your home. You may already know that succulents do not need complicated or too frequent care, so you will not have to worry about anything: we will provide you with all the neccessary things to guarantee the success of your purchases, putting at your disposal everything you need to pot succulents and cacti in the most suitable way, starting from the soil, up to complementary substrates, such as lapilli and pumice. Moreover, we offer you the possibility to buy accessories suitable for your gardening, such as our pliers and the stock of labels to be placed in the vase, in order to write down everything you may need to take care of your green spaces: let us help you to cultivate your passion!