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Adenia spinosa

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Its common names are: spiny greenstem, elephant’s foot (Eng.); tshivhuyu-dumbu (Tshivenda)


Adenia spinosa is a real must for all plant enthusiastics. The  family is Passifloraceae and it comes from Africa, Madagascar, the South of the Arabian Peninsula, Southeast Asia.

It’s quite easy to grow, but there are certain nuances in the care.


The plant requires bright or bright scattered light, it can be grown on the southern, western and south-western windows, but it is necessary that the caudex be in the shade. Special shading is required for green caudex in the spring, it should not get wet, as a result of sun burns in the form of brown spots.


Water well in summer, regular when in leaf, keep rather dry in winter. She does not want water when she has no leaves! With the onset of autumn, the leaves turn yellow and fall off. If the plant has thrown off the leaves, then it is not watered in the winter. In this case, the bare branches can be trimmed.


The cream flowers, produced in spring, are inconspicuous, and male and female are borne on different plants (Adenia is dioecious).


Adenia Spiinosa does better in a rather acidic soil, in very hot and dry conditions and cannot stand frost.


The plant is resistant to pests. Be careful with watering. With excessive moisture, especially when watering in the winter, the caudex can decay.

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