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Tylecodon racemosus

Original succulent extremely rich in minute details that will make it unique in your locations. Characterized by caudiciform stem with a twisted and asymmetric trend, of a light brown tending to greenish because finely covered with almost paper layers due to the old foliage, it develops in abundant ramifications, at the apex of which long and lanceolate leaves grow, grooved along the central vein and tending at times to curve slightly downwards with growth. One of the strengths of many specimens is the epidermis softly covered by a whitish down, which protects it from atmospheric agents, giving it, at the same time, a pleasant silvery charm when illuminated by the sun. At the beginning of summer you can enjoy delicate bunches of white flowers and campanulate that will adorn with refinement your succulent; just in reference to the floral arrangement the species takes this name that in Latin, literally, means "full clusters"!