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Trichocereus spachianus f. supermonstrous

We are talking about an absolutely unique specimen, with peculiar characteristics: it is impossible to find an exactly identical specimen! It has a columnar stem that tends to grow slowly (for that reason it is often grafted to other cacti that eases its cultivation). Equipped with rounded tubercles well marked in a beautiful emerald green, which are separated from each other by abundant white fluff, scattered in an irregular and asymmetrical way, different for each specimen. Contrary to the majority of cacti, this Trichocereus doesn’t possess spines at the apex of its tubercles, which remains perfectly nude, but is easy to note its abundant and robust gray-brownish thorns in between the grooves of the tubercles and their fluff. The whole effect that comes out of this is a thorny and savage cactus, with an unobtainable look: a real gem for every collection!