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Thelocactus lausseri

Beautiful solitary cactaceae strongly spiny, formed by globose stem, becomes slightly cylindrical with the growth, which does not reach remarkable dimensions. Of a beautiful pale and opaque pale green color, its body is provided with ample and slightly spiralled longitudinal ribs, as well as rather protruding roundish tubercles. From large candid and round areoles radial thorns of an almost vitreous white come out, rather long and thin, arranged radially around the areola; the central thorns reach even 10 cm of length, are needle-like and greyish, able to give T. lausseri an unparalleled wild character! A particularity: this species has the smallest flowers of the entire genus, which do not exceed about 3 cm but are definitely striking the attention for their bright look like silk, in which the rose of the petals is accentuated by a darker and well evident median line.