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Stephania cephararantha v. Hayata

Art. 47760
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Pot: 14 cm.
Width caudex: 7,7 cm Height caudex: 4 cm
East Asia, Australia
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It is a very appreciated plant, especially in recent times: it consists of an asymmetrical caudex with a woody and bark-like look, which takes on extravagant shapes and for this reason each exemplar is absolutely unique. In addition to its ornamental character, the caudex has an important function as a water reserve, allowing Stephania to survive long periods of drought. But that’s not all: among the reasons why this plant is very popular there are undoubtedly its leaves, which grow along climbing stems only during the vegetative periods and assume a perfect spherical shape, with flat surfaces and rich in ribs. Overall, S. cepharantha is so perfect in its combination of symmetry of leaves and asymmetry of the stem, to be able to give an extra touch to any style and environment!

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