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This genus is the result of a hybridization occurred in the nursery between two even different genera, Pachyphytum and Sedum, hence the sympathetic united name. The exemplar obtained shows characteristics common to the two parents, distorting them at the same time to give rise to an absolute novelty, in which the colors and shapes of both generate a succulent decidedly original that will certainly not go unnoticed. The genus includes only one species currently, the Pachysedum 'Ganzhou', so peculiar as to deserve a whole genus in its own right. It is a wonderful plant arranged in a rosette that does not reach remarkable dimensions, but fascinates for its digitiform leaves of a characteristic purple-pink color tending to change considerably depending on the season and the sun exposure, able to turn towards unmistakable bluish tones. To complete the picture, a whitish plum covers the entire foliar epidermis, makes it opaque and soft, protecting it at the same time from intense sun rays and allowing it to show off its magnificent appearance under the most disparate climatic conditions!