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Pachypodium windsorii

This is a wonderful succulent that is very rare to find in nature, which is why it is even more appreciated by collectors. It has a remarkable caudex, which can reach more than one metre in height and assume the most extravagant swollen and asymmetrical forms, with a monstrous look. The stem is able to store considerable quantities of water, making this plant extremely able to survive long periods of drought. The cortex is full of evident thorns, it helps to reduce the dispersion of water and also to protect the plant itself. From the thorny branches departs a foliage of simple elliptical form, rich of veins and extremely ornamental for its beautiful bright green colour. For many people, it is considered one of the most beautiful exemplars of the genus, mainly thanks to its big and showy red flowers that bloom in abundance in the middle of the thick foliage, making this species really suggestive!