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Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum

Majestic and imposing columnar cactaceae, which in nature grows like a giant branched shrub from with height up to 15 meters! It has a stem formed by longitudinal ribs rather close and well grooved, equipped with white and roundish areoles from which come out candid radial spines. They are well straight and arranged radially, have a single central long and outward-facing spine, of a brownish-grey hue. One of the characteristics for which this cactus is so loved, is also the flowering: unlike the other species, in fact, it does not have a precise flowering season but its giant brownish flowers on the outside and white on the inside can bloom throughout the year, strictly at night. The name of the species refers to the fruits of Pachycereus: literally "comb of the natives", maybe not many know that its prickly fruits were utilized by the local populations as combs for hair! But that’s not all, in fact, the pulp of the fruits was usually extracted to produce a sort of wine having a taste similar to blueberry, whilst the inside of the stem, according to the native populations, was miraculous for stopping the haemorrhages!