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Oreocereus celsianus Oreocereus celsianus
Starting from 2.40€
Oreocereus doelzianus Oreocereus doelzianus
Starting from 3.00€
Oreocereus trollii Oreocereus trollii
Starting from 5.00€
Oreocereus trollii f. variegated Oreocereus trollii f. variegated
Starting from 8.00€

Its name derives from Greek and literally means "mountain cereus", to indicate precisely that this plant, in nature, is present only at very high altitudes. A very slow growing cacti, which have a columnar habit and generally do not exceed one meter in height. Their main peculiarity that makes them easily recognizable are the thick white bristles that completely cover the plant, perfect for protecting them from intense cold and direct sunlight: thanks to these natural protections, they are not only very resistant to any climatic and environmental condition, but also extremely long-living plants!