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Oeceoclades calcarata Oeceoclades calcarata
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Oeceoclades spathulifera Oeceoclades spathulifera
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This wonderful succulent is also commonly known as the “monks orchid”, and is, in fact, a genus of flowering plants from the same family of orchids. In particular, in this case we are talking about pseudobulbs of terrestrial orchids, which can easily be cultivated even in our climates. It has characteristic flowers made up of two different fleshy crests, typical of this family, which show off very strong and sometimes shaded, dotted or streaked colors. However this genus is particularly appreciated, compared to the classic orchids, especially for its foliage: it has a color and pigmentation, that is very reminiscent of a python skin, hence the nickname "snake skin orchids", that was given to it. This plant will give an original touch to your interior, as long as it is suitable for any style!