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Mangave  ‘Red wing’ Shop Now Mangave ‘Red wing’
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Mangave 'Mission to Mars' Shop Now Mangave 'Mission to Mars'
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Mangave 'Pineapple Express' Shop Now Mangave 'Pineapple Express'
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Mangave ‘Silver Fox’ Shop Now Mangave ‘Silver Fox’
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Mangave is a genus of plants that were randomly generated by involuntary cross-pollination that took place within a cultivation of Manfreda. It includes about 40 species, all rosette-shaped, consisting of fleshy and long green leaves, curved, erect or sometimes even wavy. The foliage is densely covered with large dark spots, which give the plant an extremely wild look. Despite its "dangerous" appearance at first glance, this succulent is actually "friendly", since its spines are soft to the touch. These plants are much loved and highly appreciated for their extremely easy cultivation, in fact Mangave is perfectly resistant to both the intense sun and drought. Placed under the sun, actually, it takes on more intense colors, which makes the plant even more beautiful and particular. Mangave is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, ideal for giving a tropical touch to any environment!