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Haworthia attenuata cv. Enon

Art. 31919
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Jar: 7,5 cm.
South Africa
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It is a beautiful succulent plant, highly appreciated by those, who approach the world of succulents for the first time, as long as it's very easy to cultivate. It grows in the shape of a rosette, with fleshy and pointed leaves ,all facing upwards. It can take on various shades of green and is dotted with small raised white dots. Like all Haworthias, with the prolonged exposure to the direct sun, it may take on brown shades.


Also known as the "Zebra Plant". It is a perennial succulent, that grows both solitary and clustered. Its leaves are usually dark green, covered with numerous white, horizontally-arranged tubercles. Flowering can occur all year round, blooming with small, greenish-white, bell-shaped flowers.

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Cura della pianta:

Requires an exposure in partial shade, as long as it still receives plenty of light throughout the year.

It is preferable to keep it at mild temperatures and never below 5 °C, for this reason it is recommended to shelter it during the winter period.

It is advisable to always keep the soil slightly moist in spring and summer. Beware of stagnant water that could cause rotting.

The best soil is a well draining one, for example formed by a mixture of peat and pumice so that the water does not stagnate.

They do not need frequent fertilization, it is sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with watering once a year.