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Euphorbia guiengola

The name of the species refers to the calcareous formation of Cerro Guiengola, in Mexico, where the species was found for the first time and continues to grow spontaneously. It is a succulent with a decidedly particular appearance, consisting of a very original sprawling pattern in which its multiplicity of slender light green stems, abundantly branched, spread in all directions to give life to a thick and pleasant bush. When the stems reach remarkable lengths, the bush tends to fall into a wonderful waterfall, perfect for adorning shelves or hanging vases. Along the stems come out small rounded leaves and rich in veins, among which bloom showy clusters of microscopic flowers on the notes of white or pinkish that fades towards an intense purple. An absolutely unique curiosity: the flowers of E. guiengola continue to bloom even along the bare stems, when the leaves have already fallen, a feature that has given the plant the common name of "string of stars"!