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Euphorbia avasmontana

E. avasmontana is a magnificent exemplar of succulent that can reach a height of about 2m, and that looks like a cactus. In fact, its columnar stem, of dark green colour, is equipped with ribs distant from each other, at the margins of which are arranged in pairs, some robust spines. The ribs have a white-yellowish vertical line along the whole length of the stem, where we can notice the thorns, very symmetrical, of a pale yellow colour with brown tips. During the growth of the plant and with a prolonged exposure to the sun, they get darker or even reddish tones. E. avasmontana blooms throughout the year but mainly in autumn and spring. Its beautiful bell-shaped flowers grow at the apex of the plant, at the edge of the ribs, between a pair of thorns and the other and have a bright yellow color.