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Echinopsis leucantha

Elegant cactus characterized by globose stems of an intense emerald green, which, as they grow, tend to become cylindrical until they reach, in nature, heights of over a meter showing a solemn and imposing posture. The stem is equipped with well marked ribs and rather close to each other, along which large roundish and whitish areolas are shown. The radial spines are averagely long and robust, of light grey color and tend to dispose like the legs of a spider, as if to want to wrap the body of the cactus; is present instead usually one, at most two central spines that protrude for several centimeters and curve upwards with their particularly showy reddish-brown tones, tending to lighten with age. One of the most showy characters of Echinopsis is its inflorescence, typically whitish or light pink, which blooms between spring and summer on the sides of the stem and reaches even 16 cm in length: a real giant with breathtaking beauty, able to create with the plant a perfect mix between its majesty and the strongly thorny and wild look of the cactus!