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The name Didierea was chosen in honor of the French naturalist Alfred Grandidier; this genus includes only two species. It is a very particular genus of succulents, which grows in nature among sandy dunes in extremely arid areas, generating stems of several meters high, adorned with long leaves that develop in unusual very bright green clusters. It grows in areas, where rain is completely absent for most of the year, these extravagant shrubs are extremely resistant to drought, giving color, where few other vegetation would resist! The combination of their truly ornamental appearance and their extremely easy cultivation make each Didierea perfect for any of your indoor environments, giving an exotic charm to your spaces with very few simple moves! Here are some easy tips for its care and cultivation: It likes very bright spaces, but it is preferable to avoid direct sun rays, especially during the hottest hours of the summer. It is very resistant to high temperatures, but for that same reason it is advisable to avoid subjecting it to temperatures below 12 °C, therefore it must be sheltered in winter. It needs watering only when the soil is completely dry, so make sure to check it between a watering and the following. In winter it is advisable to completely suspend watering to allow the plant to enter dormancy. A well-draining soil combined with peat is an optimal solution in order to facilitate growth. They do not need frequent fertilizations, it is enough to dilute fertilizer with watering once a year.

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