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Its name derives from Greek and literally means "small lyre covered with leaves", referring to the overall appearance of the plant: it has, in fact, a spherical cork base, covered with old leaves that give it an extremely ornamental touch. At the apex of this brown disc, very long leaves emerge, each up to 1 meter long, narrow and sharp, with thorny edges; they have a particular characteristic of arranging themselves in a radial pattern along the entire cork base, creating a truly inimitable scenographic effect, very similar to those of palm trees, which, in their areas of origin, can reach an exponential height of even 15 meters! This plant, also commonly known as the "desert spoon", produces in warm periods elegant panicle-shaped inflorescences that make it even more majestic, pleasantly contrasting with the bright green color of the leaves. A curios fact: in ancient times the pulp of Dasylirion was used for food, while the woody parts were widely used for building; even today in Mexico the extract of this plant is used to produce a renowned alcoholic drink. Use this plant to decorate your gardens or your interiors, the charm it emanates will transform the whole environment!