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Chimera variegata Chimera variegata
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The term Chimera derives from Greek and literally means "goat": it refers to the ancient Greek Chimera, the famous mythological monster, having, according to most of the fairy tales, a goat's head attached to a lion's body. In mythology, chimera is generally referred to a creature made of parts of the body of different animals. Similarly, in botany a Chimera is considered a plant made up of two different species grafted together, which shows distinct characteristics of both of them. The most famous ones are obtained, for example, by crossing species of Gymnocalycium and Myrtillocactus, which together create truly unique cacti, with almost fluorescent colors, ranging from red, yellow to magenta! Often they have a monstrous appearance, accentuated by extremely intense variegation: they are true pieces of art, created by man through complex grafting techniques and increasingly refined over time, yet to be discovered!