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Bombacopsis cubensis Bombacopsis cubensis
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The name of the genus was introduced by the botanist of Swiss origin Henri François Pittier. Plants of the Bombacopsis genus grow in the tropical forests of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama in Central America, as well as in South America (Colombia and Venezuela). They are shrubby plants which over time can reach large dimensions (up to 30 m in height). They have a thick trunk covered with sharp thorns. The thorns of some species are used to make small, house-like sculptures that are believed to bring protection to one's home. Bombacopsis wood, being one of the cheapest, is used to make furniture, guitars and other things in fine wood. The flowers of the Bombacopsis genus turn into fruits (edible only in some species), whose flavor is reminiscent of the flavor of chestnuts. This unusual and particular plant is perfect for your rock garden.