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The name of this genus was chosen in honor of Alwin Berger, a well-known German botanist. Only one species, B. emoryi, belongs to Bergerocactus, so original as to need a genus in its own right. Native to American deserts, it is an extremely resistant plant and perfectly in line with the wild desert charm. Columnar, with a reduced diameter and rich of tangled thorns, is commonly known with many nicknames: "golden cactus" for the bright yellow of the thorns, or even called "snake cactus" for its elongated and thin course, as well as for "velvet cactus", due to the rather soft texture of the thin spines. Extremely peculiar and quite rare, it is a genre that cannot miss in the collections of those who want to bring a touch of exotic in their locations by combining the wild charm with the originality of a genre that few people know! Here are some tips for its cultivation. Loves positions in full sun and well ventilated. It prefers temperatures similar to those of the deserts from which it comes, but it survives even at temperatures close to zero, provided it remains completely dry. Water with moderation in summer, only when the soil is completely dry. In winter is preferable to suspend the water supply completely, as the plant goes into vegetative rest. We recommend a strongly draining substratum, consisting of specific soil for cacti, to which must be added sand or gravel to make it even more porous. It does not need frequent fertilizations, it will be sufficient to dilute the fertilizer with the water of the waterings once a year.