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It is an extremely rare genus of plants, which includes only three species whose name derives from the Aztecs, a population of northern Mexico from which these cacti originates from., we could say that their appearance resembles the peculiar Aztec architecture! They are real miniature jewels, extremely small in size (considered to be among the smallest cacti in the world) but with an impressive amount of detail in just a few centimeters! They are characterized by very sparse or almost absent thorns and a star-shaped section due to the prominent tubercles, as well as by a light and rather lively color. They have an extremely slow growth, which is why it is not uncommon to find them grafted onto other plants to favor their development. After some years of life, this cactus can bloom apically, forming white or light pink flowers. They also present a slightly more demanding cultivation than other cacti, but the show they offer and the uniqueness they give to your environments will pay off and make you a true connoisseurs! Aztekium is quite delicate: avoid direct sun exposition in the warmest hours, prefering partial shade; keep it always at 8-10°C at least! Watering should be done every 3-4 days, giving little water and letting the soil get dry; do not water at all during winter rest. As substrate, use a well draining soil full of inerts and sand, and with few organical matter. Grow it in a deep container: there won't be any need to repot it often, since it grows very slowly. Propagation could be done by seeds or by lateral suckers.Aztekiums may require patience, but they are astonishing one-of-a-kind cacti, and it is absolutely worthiwhile!