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Astroloba is a genus of succulent plants of the Asphodelaceae family, native to South Africa, in particular the Cape province. The name 'Astroloba' comes from the Greek word “astros”, which means "star", due to its leaves, which have a similar shape. It has stiff and succulent leaves of a predominantly green color, of a triangular shape and with a spiky tip at the apex. It can reach a maximum height of 30 cm. During the flowering period, it blooms with small flowers that are somewhat reminiscent of the Haworthia's inflorescence. It is an easy-to-grow succulent and it’s slow-growing plants, with various stems that as they grow tend to lie down and spread out in their natural rocky habitat. In the wild they thrive in rocky and sandy soils under other larger shrubs, or grow on stony ground. In general, semi-shaded locations, well-drained soils in rainy winter areas are preferred. For this reason we suggest you to place it in areas of semi-shade or semi-sun, avoiding direct rays during the hottest hours. Coming from arid areas, it loves high temperatures, especially if sheltered from direct sun. It is recommended to move it to shelter during the winter. It only needs water when the soil is completely dry. In winter it is recommended to suspend completely watering. A well-draining substrate is optimal, consisting of lapilli and pumice, combined with peat which facilitates growth. There is no need for frequent fertilization, it will be sufficient to dilute fertilizer with watering once a year.