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Ariocarpus confusus

Extremely peculiar and rare cactus, which is why it is highly sought after by collectors from all over the world. With a very different appearance from classic cacti, those that look like leaves of a rosette are actually very elongated tubercles, with a triangular section, with some rare thorns at the tip. Among the tubercles there is abundant fluff that distinguishes a large part of this genus and stands out considerably on the skin tending to reddish-brown when exposed to the sun. Some studies hypothesize that this Ariocarpus is nothing but a natural hybridization which took place between A. retusus and A. trigonus, whose habitats are exactly around that of Ariocarpus confusus; this hypothesis, however, is not entirely true due to the flower of the species, which unlike the other two assumes a strong magenta shade, which cannot be reproduced through hybridization and at the same time has now become the distinguishing trait of Ariocarpus confusus!