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These are perennial plants, which grow in different habitats, from the African desert to rainforests. The name "Adenia" comes from the Arabic name "Aden" and was given to it by the Swedish researcher Peter Forsskål. They are succulent plants with a large caudiciform base (caudex), which acts as a water reservoir to survive during drought periods, it develops large branches covered with thorns and canopies of deciduous leaves (they fall down during the vegetative rest ). This plant is not only perfect for decorating your environments, but it is also considered extremely multifunctional in many ways: some species of this genus are used in traditional African medicine to treat inflammations, fevers and have pain-relieving effects, while others are exploited for their poisonous properties. It is a plant extremely appreciated by caudex lovers, perfect for adding, with its massive and compact appearance, a touch of majesty to any environment!