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Rebutia minuscula f. variegata (Variegated)

The variegated shape of this cactaceae presents the typical yellow zones in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent; such zones will never be identical from one plant to another, thus making each exemplar absolutely unique and, for this reason, very sought after by collectors. Its stem is globose, slightly depressed at the apex, and tends, with the growth, to light abundantly creating a thick cushion of multiple suckers not exceeding a few centimeters of diameter. Equipped with numerous little pronounced tubercles, it has small areoles, from which come out short tufts of extremely thin thorns, from the shades varying from the almost vitreous white (especially in specimens with reduced illumination) up to the intense yellow ( when the solar radiation is massive). In spring R. minuscula produces pretty and abundant flowers around the base on the notes of fuchsia or red.