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Aloe (Variegated)

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The name Aloe comes from the Arabic word "aluat" meaning "bitter thing", due to the bitter juice of its leaves. Also called "stick of heaven", "gift of Venus", "plant of immortality", "silent healer", "doctor in a pot" for its many beneficial detoxifying, disinfectant properties and because it is useful to facilitate the healing of wounds and burns. It grows spontaneously in the tropics, but it is cultivated in all countries of the world. Nowadays, 400 plants belonging to the Aloe family are known, but the most known and currently used for purifying and anti-inflammatory purposes is Aloe Vera. The plants of the Aloe genus have rosettes of lance-shaped leaves, long, thick and indented around the edges.  This genus also represent wonderful ornamental plants, perfect to decorate your balconies and terraces.