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Philodendron (Succulents)

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This genus of succulents includes about 500 species each different from the others. Some types of Philodendron present as climbing, others instead have an upright posture and fill large spaces. The name Philodendron comes from the Greek : 'philèo' which means to love and 'dendron' which means tree, therefore 'plants that love trees' related to the climbing posture of some species. They have large leaves with different shapes for each species, some oval, elongated others heart-shaped; the colors also vary and are different shades of green with the possibility of taking shades of purple or in some cases also streaks and white variegations. The lower part of the leaves generally have colors such as brown or purple. They are quite delicate plants that prefer warm temperatures, however not below the 10-15 degrees; suitable for apartments in half-shade positions or in any case not under the direct rays of the sun. Among the most known species we can list: Philodendron hederaceum, bipinnatifidum, speciosum, erubescens, hastatum, tuxtlanum, Glorosium, Melanochrysum or Andreanum, goeldii, corcovadense and many others. They are often associated with the Monstera, which are always part of the Araceae, with the difference that the Monstera have holes on the leaves that the Philodendrons do not have. The inflorescences have a very particular shape: they show a vertical yellow pistil and the petals wrap it almost like a wrapper around with colors ranging from white to yellow and pink, in some species they are also fragrant.