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Cynanchum marnierianum (Succulents)

The name Cynanchum comes from the Greek and literally means "dog" and "suffocate", probably referring to its characteristic strongly climbing posture, which has given it the common name of "strangling vine". They are fickle or climbing perennial plants, equipped with ovate or tapered leaves, a beautiful bright green. In the past it was considered an antidote to poisons and, especially in China, it was widely exploited among traditional medicinal uses, while in reality, currently, it is believed that some species have substances that are toxic when swallowed! C. marnierianum grows in the woods and forests of Madagascar. It has stems with numerous long branches, of intense green or purple color. They have irregular tubercles and are covered with small and very fine white hairs. Its leaves are not numerous and soon tend to fall. The inflorescences of C. marnierianum bloom over the entire length of the stem and have a very particular shape: similar in appearance to a yellowish green lantern, they are formed by five long and thin petals joined to the tip forming a sphere and with the passage of time they open.