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Echeveria goiabinha f. variegated monstrous (Monstrous)

The variegated shape of this succulent presents the typical paler zones in the exact points where the chlorophyll is absent; such zones will never be identical from one plant to another, thus making each exemplar absolutely unique and, for this reason, very sought after by collectors. It is already a particularly rare succulent, as it contains monstrous characteristics such as the shape of the foliage, vaguely roundish but with different dimensions even between a leaf and the other of the same specimen. Some of them can have a slightly wavy shape and a shape similar to a heart, characteristics that allow to obtain a succulent extremely dynamic and variable overall. The epidermis assumes a delicate glaucous green shade pleasantly nuanced of pink-violet, which is accentuated with greater exposure to sunlight up to a pretty intense violet.