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Yucca (Caudex)


Shrubby plants that are very common as indoor ornamentation due to their composure and royalty given by the remarkable heights that can also be reached in pots and by the spiked inflorescences of the most varied colors, from a soft white to a decisive purple. Few people know that this succulent has other important benefits: its tuberous roots are edible, in fact, cassava flour is obtained from them, used as a thickener, rich in starch and poor in protein, also suitable for celiacs: it is therefore widely exploited in times today not only for ornamental purposes, but also for the production of the multitude of gluten-free products for sale. Furthermore, a product widely used as a cleanser and purifier for the skin is extracted from the leaves of the Yucca: not only, therefore, perfect for furniture, but also a real panacea for our health! To these important peculiarities is added an equally interesting one, that is the extreme adaptability to the environment: Yucca needs very little care, making it perfect to survive even in very poor soils and in the most varied climatic conditions, as long as it is sheltered when the temperatures become too much. low. It is one of the very rare genres, moreover, which even bears low light for quite long periods, thus making it suitable for decorating the most disparate environments in which other specimens could suffer: a real wonderful fighter, who knows how to adapt allowing you to bring a touch of desert charm in any space!