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Merremia (Caudex)


Its name was chosen in honor of the German naturalist Blasius Merrem. The characteristic of this plant, that immediately strikes even the less experienced eyes, is the massive caudex of an almost spherical shape, rough to the touch, which resembles bark, enriched with dense woody ribs. It is often grown in pots, both for indoors and outdoors, thanks to its remarkable resistance to the most extreme climatic conditions and its unique and highly ornamental appearance. Among the tribal populations, however, Merremia is cultivated for various purposes, in fact, it is considered extremely useful as an alternative medicine: mixtures of its root are considered a powerful aid to lower fever, as a remedy for cough, dizziness, snake bites, various intoxications, abscesses, neuralgia, ulcers and even as a treatment for malaria and smallpox! Some species, on the other hand, are at the basis of the production of some types of liqueur, as they produce a milky liquid with a bitter almond flavor. It is therefore a plant not only aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its large flowers (frequently cultivated by florists for sale), but also very useful for various purposes!